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Car Lock out service

One of the most common reasons why we receive calls is that people lock themselves out of their vehicles. It usually happens at the most inconvenient time possible and there’s not much that you can to, except sit back and let the professionals handle all the work. So, when you’re locked out of a vehicle and are in the need of a trustworthy technician, call Montco Locksmith. Our experts will only need a few minutes to unlock the door to let you get you back into your vehicle despite of what type of car you have. We use special, modern equipment to access your car without damaging it.  

Car ignition problems

Another reason why an automotive locksmith service might be required is ignition-related problems: There’re few signs that show that your ignition might have a problem. One of the most generic symptoms is that you are unable to start your car. One the other hand, not being able to turn your key in the ignition or hearing no noise from starter motor might also be a sign of a failing ignition.


Another sign of a bad ignition switch might be that it is overheating. If you experience any of these symptoms, do not delay contacting an automotive locksmith because you might be putting yourself and other drivers at risk. Replacing your ignition switch can be dangerous because there is a current running through electrical wires that can harm you. That’s why it would be a better idea to call an automotive locksmith and let the professionals fix the problem. 

Sometimes repairing an ignition is enough, but the longer you avoid dealing with this problem, the more it is possible that the ignition can’t be fixed and you need to replace it. Since it is one of the most frequently used items in the car, it can get outdated and require to be changed. Our technicians have skills and knowledge to fix your ignition and in case you need it, to change it.

Car key extraction

A key might break off in the ignition switch and it may be hard to get the broken parts out. Our mobile automotive locksmith technicians have all the necessary tools and equipment to get the key out without doing any damage to the vehicle. The most common question that customers ask in this case is if they need to change the ignition. Most of the time it isn’t necessary, but sometimes internal destruction is possible. Technicians from Montco Locksmith will take a look at it and tell you if you need to change the ignition. 

There’s also a possibility of a car key getting stuck in the door locks. Our experts can help you remove jammed keys from the car lock, as well. Most of the time changing a lock is highly recommended in order to prevent your car key from getting stuck again. Whether you need a car key extraction from a lock or an ignition switch, Montco Locksmith will provide you a quality service.

Transponder keys

Most of the modern cars have a transponder key as a part of anti-theft security, because it can provide one of the best securities.

With this security system you can be as relaxed as ever knowing that your car is safe. Montco Locksmith technicians are highly skilled to make a high-quality transponder keys. They also program it because it is necessary for the key to work in the ignition. This procedure takes only a few minutes but after it’s finished, you can stop worrying about your car’s safety. 

If you need an automotive locksmith service in Philadelphia, you should call Montco Locksmith. Our highly trained and professional technicians will provide any service that you require at affordable prices. Whether you’re locked out of your vehicle, lost your keys or need a car key programming - we are your go-to company. In addition to this, our technicians are equipped with modern tools and they work fast. Working fast and 30 minute or less response time guarantees that we will solve your problem in no time and let you get back to your day. 

Montco Locksmith is a modern customer-oriented company that provides a wide range of automotive locksmith services. Whatever you need, whatever your requirements are, our excellent technicians will be able to help you. Our locksmiths operate mobile and arrive with a van that is fully equipped with modern parts, tools, inventory, and equipment. That means that they can complete a variety of services and they don’t have to go back and forth for the tools. That reduces the time needed to solve a problem. Apart from providing services, our technicians can share their knowledge and information. We believe that for a customer to make a wise choice, he or she should be fully informed about all the possibilities, alternatives, etc. The biggest benefit of our service is that we are available any day of the week at any time. So if you have an emergency at night, do not hesitate and know that we are here for you!

If you require any of the above-mentioned services, contact us immediately! You won’t be disappointed because we put your needs and safety first and offer only the best service. 

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