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Commercial Locksmith

Our commercial locksmith services are tailored to maximize the security of your business. We work with all kinds of businesses: repair shops, auto dealers, real estate companies and property management companies, to provide the best service possible.

  • Buzzer Systems: Many people are choosing to install this kind of system for businesses. Our experienced technicians will make sure you get the best possible service.
  • Access controlled system: This kind of systems are very useful for business owners. You won’t need to hand out keys at all. Access control gives you possibility to grant access to anyone from anywhere you want.The security requirements of the offices are different from residential place or common businesses. A simple key replication and replacement will not work in office environments. Only authorized personnel should enter the office premises. To ensure this is to install access control systems. So, swipe cards, coded keypads, fingerprint sensors, and the type works best in the offices.This type of system keeps track of the person entering the office. A certified locksmith can install and repair the system on your office premises efficiently. If any case you lost the card/forgot the access code, you can call the locksmith instead of compromising the installed security.
  • Locks installation: Your business will need new lock installation while moving to a new office. Our certified locksmith personnel will install and guide you to use the lock. We recommend the best secured locks to make sure your business is safe all the time.
  • Lock Repairs: We are able to repair any type of lock for your business as long as the lock is repairable. Our trained locksmiths have experience with all kinds of locks in Montgomery area, PA.
  • CCTV system: Yes, the commercial locksmith service also helps with the installation of CCTV systems in your office or restaurant. With our extensive knowledge of the operation of the system we are ready to help you with the installation and repair. This is a modern-day necessity which is handy and useful.
  • High Security Locks Installation and Rekey: Modern-day commercial locksmiths in Montgomery County are experts in computer technology also. We have experience in installation of the high security locks and master key systems. We do installation and rekey of some of the best lock brands like: Von-Dupin, Mul-T Locks, Medeco etc. We rekey basic as well as the most advanced high-security locks. We help you change passwords or include authorized personnel in the system.
  • Master key systems –  With the help of master key system you can increase control and convenience, it can open a number of predefined doors.
  • Keyless access systems – Install Keyless access systems at your business with our technicians help.
  • Magnetic locks – with the help of electromagnetic force to lock the door, this system keeps your business very secure.
  • Electric strikes – electric strikes are by far the most commonly used electrifying locking hardware in the USA.
  • Keypad locks – install a keypad lock at your business to make sure no one enters your property without knowing a code.

Whether it is your home or your office, safeguarding is necessary. Commercial installation helps in protecting your assets, employees, property, and more. There are various talking points on Commercial locksmiths and we will see it step-by-step.

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