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Are you searching for a residential, commercial, or car locksmith in Horsham, PA? Montco locksmith is here to provide you high standard professional locksmith service. We have a quick staff of professional workers, who will reach you on time with just one call to solve your problem. 

Whether you have locked yourself out of the car, home, or office. Our professionals will help you get out of the frustration. Our main highlight that is loved by our customers is the quick response. 

When you will contact us to get your issue solved, our customer dealer will make sure that the technicians reach you immediately and solve your problem.

Another popular thing among our customers is emergency service. Because in an emergency the person is panic and is not able to do the right things. If you are in such a situation, don’t panic, just make one call to Montco locksmiths and the rest is on us. 

We will make sure that you are taken out of that situation quickly and can get back to your daily routine. 

No matter what kind of lockout it is, and where it is in Horsham, PA. Montco locksmith will give you access to the best services all over Horsham. A satisfied customer is our only priority. Our technicians will not stop doing the work until and unless the customer is fully satisfied with the service. 


Car locksmith service in Horsham 

We receive many calls in a day for the car lockout. When you are locked outside the car, the only thing left for you to do is sit back, relax, and let the technician get his job done. You will need a trustworthy technician who can let you back inside the car without damaging the car. 

Montco locksmith provides you professional and friendly technicians, who will get you inside your car in a few minutes without doing any damage to the car, despite which car it is. 

Montco locksmith is providing you the following main services for a car lockout in Horsham, PA. 

  • Car locksmith service in Horsham
  • Car key extraction
  • Transponder key
  • Re-keying
  • Changing locks
  • Ignition changing

If you have broken your car key inside the door lock, our well-trained locksmith will make you a new one which will work the same as the old one does. He can also change the entire lock if necessary. 

The keys stuck inside the locks are also easily extracted by our professionals because they are fully trained to handle any kind of a lockout situation. 

Most of the car lockout issues that we receive are related to the ignition system. Many times it is seen that the ignition stops working, and does not start the car. Or the key inside the ignition refuses to move and gets stuck. In all these situations, Montco locksmith will send you our car ignitions experts, who are equipped with the right tools and knowledge to diagnose and cure the issue. Our technician will help you extract the key, change the ignition, or repair. He will act according to your need.

Also, we have computer program experts for the transponder service. Hence, it is a delicate situation when you face a transponder issue. Because it is all linked with your security. Our technicians are friendly, professional, well trained, and have neat past, never involved in any crime. They will make sure that you don’t feel insecure. 

However, Montco locksmith takes full responsibility for your security. We are just ready to hand over you the best services. Contact us, and get your issue solved. 



Residential Locksmith in Horsham 

Have you ever gone through a house lockout? Like you left your keys inside the house or dropped the keys on the way back home? Montco locksmith provides you different types of residential locksmith services in various situations. The most usual services which are asked by the customers for a residential lockout are mentioned below.


  • Doorknob in Horsham
  • Digital/keypad locks in Horsham
  • Sliding door locks
  • Cabinet locks
  • Master keys
  • Doors lock repairing

Montco locksmith is a company that looks for your safety first and then your needs. If you are having a problem with any type of lock of your house inside Horsham, PA. You may call us so that we can stand with you in your hard time. 

Our technicians operate mobiles, this will help them in reaching you with just a call. Instead of making you struggle to go out and find a locksmith. 

The mobiles that are used by our workers are fully equipped with all the necessaries to make sure that they don’t need to go back and forth again and again to meet the task that you are interested in. 

They are trained well enough to do the task according to the customer’s requirements.

If your doorknob is not working, it's stuck, or the setscrew is damaged. Our professional locksmith will repair it for you if possible. Otherwise, he can also change the doorknob with your permission. But most of the time, they don’t require this. They are so professional and handy that they can open any type of door lock in moments.

Getting us for your service will help you save your time and money. 

Also, we can repair cabinet locks. The cabinet can be of any kind. The only thing is, that it must have a lock which can be unlocked. Whether it is a digital lock or any other. 

Digital locks want super technical locksmiths to touch them because if a locksmith having less knowledge about digital locks, try to repair it. It's possible that he can damage it. 

Montco locksmith has a staff of technical locksmiths, who are professional in unlocking the digital locks if you have forgotten the password. 

We can provide you all the services for a lockout. The only thing which is required is to contact us.

If you have moved to a new house and don’t know who else is having the keys to the house. Then you must re-key your lock so that the person having spare keys loses access to your house without your permission. 

Re-keying is the most asked service to make your new houses and businesses secure. Montco locksmith can re-key your locks anywhere you are in Horsham, PA.

Commercial locksmith in Horsham 

If you are locked outside your office, there is no reason for breaking the window to get in or cancel a day’s work. In this situation, Montco locksmith is providing you many services to overcome the lockout. Whether it is a digital lock or a lock repairing system, a CCTV system, Montco locksmith will help you in all the issues to get rid of them. We give the following main services for a commercial lockout.

  1. Lock repairing: we will give you a professional locksmith, who will repair your lock in just minutes to get you back to your work. If the lock is broken he can replace it. If its functions are disordered then he will try his best to repair them.
  2. CCTV system: this system is used in businesses nowadays and is very handy and secure. But if it gets made, then a simple locksmith can not handle this issue. A super technician is a must required person to deal with it. Montco locksmith will provide you, locksmith, with knowledge of digital systems to repair or replace your CCTV system.
  3. High-security locks installation and rekeying: If you are shifted to a new business, you will want to make it as secure as possible. So you should consult a professional locksmith company to add secure locks to your business. Montco locksmith will place highly secured locks to your office to make it a secure one, we can also rekey your locks to eliminate the access of the suspended employees to the business. 
  1. Master keys system: Montco locksmith also has key masters, which can prepare extreme level master keys to go through different types of doors with separate locks.
  2. Buzzer system: This system is very much in nowadays in businesses. These buzzers are computer programmed. Just a computer programming specialist can deal with it if it shows errors. We have professional programmers, who can help you diagnose and cure the issue at a decent price.
  3. Magnetic locks: We also install magnetic locks to your business to increase the security level. Because a magnetic lock closes the door itself after someone enters through the door. Montco locksmith also deals with the repairing of magnetic locks.
  4. Keyless access system: keyless access system is very handy and convenient. We can help you install a high-level keyless access system in your office, factory, or restaurant.


Montco locksmith is always standing with you in any kind of lockout. No matter it is a car lockout, residential lockout, commercial lockout, or other. We provide you 24-hour service for the whole week. Our equipment and workers are just a phone call away from you. 

We give professional services to our customers at decent prices. So you will not have any trouble spending money. We have a complete list of satisfied customers because we don’t compromise with the quality and our priority is to satisfy the customer. 

If anytime, anywhere, in Horsham, you are stuck in a lockout, don’t worry, and immediately call us. We will solve your problem and will bring you back to your daily routine.