How to program transponder key without the original?

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April 24, 2021
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How to program transponder key without the original?

A transponder key is a special type of security device that is used to prevent vehicles from mishaps. This a microchip that sends the signals to the ignition of the car. After the system receives the signals, the car turns ON. If another key except the transponder key is used, the car won’t start. 

However, if a vehicle is manufactured with a transponder key, then it won’t start without the original transponder key. This transponder key programming is done by the company. You might be thinking that how can you start the car if you don’t have the original transponder key. 

Don’t worry at all! We will tell you some easy ways to program the transponder key without the original. Take a look at the steps given below, these will help you program your transponder key very easily. 

Steps to program a transponder key (without the original)

Step number 1: get inside your car and enter the transponder key inside the ignition of your car. Turn the ignition to ON and keep it ON for about 10 minutes and 25 seconds. Awhile this process, keep an eye on the dashboard of your car. You should see that the security lights turn ON. If the light doesn’t illuminate, you should replace or recharge the battery of your car. 

Step number 2: when the security lights turn ON, then wait for 15 minutes to have a stopwatch in your hand. You have to be sure of the timing to make the process successful. Therefore carefully check the time. 

Step number 3: after 15 minutes are passed, the lights should turn off. Then after giving a gap of 3 minutes, turn off the ignition switch by turning your transponder key and then turn it ON again. The security will come ON once again, so you have to stay for about another fifteen minutes before turning it off again. 

Step number 4: after this when the security turns OFF. Within three minutes, turn the key to the OFF direction and then turn it again to the ON direction. The security lights will come ON again for 15 minutes before going OFF. And when the security lights turn OFF this time, it should make the mark 45 minutes, and your key should be programmed to the vehicle. 

Final result

After you have followed all the steps carefully and accurately, your transponder key will be programmed according to you your vehicle. Now you can drive the car anywhere you want. Now keep in mind that you have a new transponder key and even if you find out the original key, it will not work. Therefore, this is the reason we advise our customers to cut two transponder keys for the vehicle and get both of them programmed to your car so that you can have multiple options. 

You have successfully programmed the transponder key without the original, now you can easily drive your car anywhere with anyone you want. Have a nice day.  

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