How to rekey any lock in 2020?

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June 22, 2020
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How to rekey any lock in 2020?

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Are you thinking to increase your home’s or workplace’s security by changing or modifying the locks? Generally, people decide to rekey the lock of their cars or home due to theft or act of vandalism. In case, if you feel that others also have a duplicate copy of your keys then you can go to a locksmith to rekey your locks. Locksmiths are the professionals who modify or repair the locks.

Now, do you know what a locksmith does to rekey the lock? If not, let us have a look:

Methods of rekeying a house lock

Pinning kit: 

Locksmith uses rekeying kits which are usually available at most of the hardware stores, home centers, or online. These kits usually include lock pins, tools such as ring remover, plug follower, cylinder follower, etc.

Removing the lock face or exterior door knob: The locksmith then removes the doorknobs with the help of a wire tool that is already included inside the kit.

Taking out the lock cylinder: Using a cylinder follower which is a small brass tube, the locksmith pushes the cylinder so that the cylinder gets removed

Withdrawal or detachment of cylinder retainer ring: A ring remover is used by the locksmith to withdraw the retaining ring from the lock cylinder.

Withdrawal of the cylinder plug: To pull out the plug, the locksmith uses the current lock key into the cylinder and turns it to bring out the upper and lower lock pins to segregate. Later on, the locksmith pushes the plug follower via the cylinder by applying the constant pressure to remove the plug. 

Withdrawing the old lower lock pins: The lower lock pins are unceremoniously bullet-shaped with the pointed ends.

Placing the new lock key in the cylinder: The locksmith will then fit and push the new pins in the cylinder.

Fitting the new pins in the lock: The new pins would be numerically coded to have a look at which pin goes wherein the lock. In case, if the pins are not coded numerically, the locksmith would use trial and error by inserting and withdrawing the key to confirm whether the key gets fit into the lock or not after the new pins are installed.

Organize or rejuvenate the lock: Firstly the locksmith replaces the cylinder plug and retaining ring, afterwards, he puts back the cylinder in the lock face and connects it to the door.

Testing of lock and unlock: After these steps, the testing is done whether the rekeyed lock gets unlock with the help of a new key or not.

Rekeying car lock methods are:

Detaching the lock from the car: The procedure depends upon your car whether the lock is a door lock or ignition. The locksmith uses a special sort of equipment to remove the lock.

Removing the inner lock tumbler: The locksmith then breaks out the end cam and innerspring and then he inserts a key into the lock tumbler so that pins get pushed away from the cylinder walls.

Replacing the pins: Tumbler replacement pins usually come in sets. Each pin is labeled with a number and also they are of different-different lengths. Install the new pin in the place of old pins and also ensure that the new pins do not get extended than the top of the tumbler.

Try out by placing the tumbler into the lock: If its replacement, the lock should be turned smoothly with the help of a key that would be used to unlock and lock it because maybe the new pins would be too damaged to function.

Replacing the lock in the car: The final test is always important to check out the key to confirm that it works.

Well, a locksmith plays a very crucial role in rekeying the lock. It’s very much interesting to look forward to the career of a locksmith because they generally are highly involved in engaging creative problem-solving. Also, they are very much fascinated by security technology. But do you know how long it takes to become a professional locksmith?

Well becoming a locksmith is an interesting thought if you enjoy working with our hands. There are 3 methods you will have to follow by which you can become a locksmith:

Getting qualified and completing training: Make your career enjoyable if you like to solve puzzles and work with your hands since the job of a locksmith requires a lot of critical thinking. 

  • To become a locksmith, it is required that you get a degree of high school diploma or get your GED. 
  • After getting the certificate if you are interested to get formal training in the field then attend vocational school. In the vocational school, you can learn about the repair and installation of locks. 
  • For learning the craft faster, sign up for the locksmith class. If you are not interested in spending much of your time in a vocational degree then you can also look for online classes to learn the craft.

Becoming Certified: The second step is to check out online about the needs for certification wherever you live.

  • The certification process may take time according to the place you live in. Also, some countries do not demand to get certification for locksmiths.
  • To start the process, it is necessary to submit an individual license application where you will upload the required documents on an online portal.
  • You will have to send a copy of your identification. Also, some of the paperwork is needed to be done.
  • By providing the required documents you have to prove that you are qualified for the certification.
  • Wait for the certification after paying the required amount of fees.

Working as a locksmith: After becoming certified, you just have to find job postings online where you can work as a professional locksmith. 

  • As compared to your certification and interview, your resume is not of that much importance.

Locksmiths also work as independent contractors. Although, a business license is required to start the service alone. You can also get some experience and learn to start your own business independently.

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