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Montco Locksmith provides commercial, residential and auto locksmith services in North Wales, PA. Professional and trained staff, affordable prices, fast response time and high quality is our trademark.  

The profession of locksmiths has drastically changed over the years. Modern technology and improved safety and security systems demand locksmiths to be trained and equipped in order to keep up with technological advancements. Part of the reason for increased demand for locksmiths is electronic security systems.

Electronic security system involves surveillance cameras, alarming or an intrusion control, access control, etc. One of the main purposes of this system is to maintain a safe and secure environment.  

Electronic security is crucial for businesses and residences that are interested in extra crime protection and additional security. They have access to video surveillance benefits. They can see who has entered a facility and when and what’s even more exciting is that you have can look at the camera remotely from any location. 

In addition to this, it will cause the crime rate to decrease because being monitored scares of many criminals. It’s most likely that they won’t try to break into your property because of fear of being caught. There’re several types of electronic security systems and Montco Locksmith offers to install access control system service.

ACS is an electronic system used for security purposes and its main goal is to control that has access to the building. It enables to restrict unauthorized people from entering.  Access keypads allow organizations to control this process. Moreover, ACS has a history of entry that can be useful for employers to find out whether employees are late or leave the office at the right time.

Montco Locksmith offers a wide range of safe services that involves not only installation but repairing, as well. Safes are used to protect valuable items, such as money, jewelry or documents from theft or natural disasters. A combination safe that is a traditional safe uses symbols, usually numbers to open the lock. 

Combination locks do not use the keys and last quite a very long time. It is also less expensive than digital safe. But setting a new combination requires a professional. The digital safe also has several advantages.

For example, it uses a PIN or a keypad and is faster. Digital safes are more modern and advanced than the ones with a combination lock and that is why it provides even greater security. An alarm is activated when an incorrect password is entered a few times. Digital safes have a better chance of surviving natural disasters, such as fire, flooding, etc. It is designed to withstand intense fire and is waterproof. Our friendly technicians will provide additional information and help you make an informed decision.

One of the most common services that we provide is an emergency service. People lock themselves out of commercial or residential buildings or vehicles call us daily. Locking yourself out is anything but pleasant however the last thing you should do is panic.

Some people even try to solve the problem themselves and unlock the door, but they’re unsuccessful and can cause even more damage. In order to avoid it, try to relax and call us. Our reliable and trustworthy locksmiths will be on their way as soon as customer representatives receive a call. Unlocking a door will only take a few minutes.

Another thing that locksmiths quite often have to do is changing the locks. When people lose their keys or when they are stolen, someone unfamiliar might gain access to their homes. Taking the fact that feeling safe and secure is very important into account, people decide to use locksmith’s service and change or re-key the locks.

This way they can be sure that they are the only ones who can enter the facility. In order to increase the feeling of security, it is highly recommended to install the locks on the windows. It’s a well-known fact that most of the break-ins happen through a window. Installing a lock on them will deter criminals. Montco Locksmith’s staff will be able to answer your questions about additional safety measures and give you recommendations and advice.

Our main goal is to provide high quality and professional commercial, residential and auto locksmith services in North Wales, PA. We’ve been part of this market for quite a long time now and we know it very well. We keep up with technological advancements and development to supply the product that is in demand.

Montco Locksmith can provide a solution to all your problems and assist you with changing and re-keying locks, installing different types of security systems or safes, etc. Ha fast response time gives us a chance to meet customer’s expectations and leave them satisfied.