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Residential Locksmith Service

We offer different types of residential locksmith services, such as:

  • Deadbolt
  • Door knob
  • Digital/Keypad locks
  • Sliding door locks
  • Cabinet locks
  • Master keys
  • Door lock repair
  • Patio door locks
  • Mortise lock sets
  • Cylinder lock
  • High security lock

Have you ever been locked out of the house? Or lost your keys? We provide services for all the above-mentioned problems and even more! 

Montco Locksmith is a customer-oriented company that puts your safety and needs first and specializes in residential locksmiths.

Our team that includes experienced and professional technicians are always eager to provide any service that you need at affordable prices at any time day or night of the week.

In the 21st century, locksmiths operate mobile now, and it is very convenient because this means that instead of you going to a hardware shop, locksmiths are coming to you.

Our technicians use a van that is equipped with all the tools and parts they may need. This means that they can provide any service that you might be interested in.

Modern equipment not only makes their job easier, but technicians can also complete more services than before. Our team is properly trained to be ready to assist in all types of emergencies.

Lock Change


First and foremost, lock change services are the most popular among our customers. Recent studies have revealed that keys are at the top of the most common items that go missing. More specifically over 20 million house or car keys are lost in the USA each year. 

This statistical data reveals that losing a key is a very common problem and can happen to anyone, even you.

There’s a brief moment after losing a key or having it stolen when people panic because they no longer feel as safe as they used to at their own home.

In this case, even you have a spare key or when your keys are stolen, you should think about changing your locks in order to feel safe. And it should also be your priority when you’re moving to a new house as well. 

This way you can be sure that no one else except you has access to your home and you can just relax. Our technicians are equipped with advanced technology and can fix your problems in no time.

Re-keying your locks


An alternative to it is re-keying your locks. When you lose your keys or have it stolen, instead of changing your locks, you can re-key it.

Most people are not aware that it is a cheaper and better solution in most cases and is a simple procedure. Rekeying means to change the working key to a different one, without replacing the lock itself. In the end, you get a new key that will now operate the lock.

Both changing your locks and re-keying can prevent any unwanted person from having direct access to your home.

But your decision whether to change locks or to re-key should depend on why you want you to use the service in the first place.

You should consider that under some circumstances, locks have to be changed. But you won’t have to worry about making this decision because our technicians can answer any question you might have regards this or any other topic.

Besides changing locks to your door, we also provide installing a combination door locks. One of the biggest advantages of it is that it is convenient because you don’t have to carry your key around, which also means that you won’t lose it and won’t need changing your locks.

This saves not only money but also time.  Another advantage is that you can provide entry to your home to others. You will not need to make spare copies for housekeepers, dog walkers, etc.

High-security locks

The most famous and wanted from the above-mentioned locks are high-security locks that are nearly impossible to pick and guarantee a safe environment.

HSEC is not only useful for houses but also businesses and after installing them you can just forget costs associated with theft! One of the biggest benefits of a high-security lock system is its ability to track serialized keys.

Administrators are able to keep track of all the keys that have been issued. Enhanced security and low maintenance costs are provided by this system.

Deadbolt locks

We also provide installing a deadbolt locks service very frequently. It is a lock that can be opened only through a key or a knob, and they can’t be open with a knife or any other objects. As I have mentioned previously, it is very important that you feel safe at your own home.


Recent FBI statistical data has shown that above 60 percent of 2.1 million burglaries in 2012 involved forced entry.

That’s why people have to pay more attention to taking safety measures. There’re several types of deadbolt locks but all of them have the same advantages. 

Deadbolts provide a higher level of protection against forceful physical attack than standard locks that may be unlocked by a knife.

CCTV Camera

Another way you can feel more secure at home is to install a CCTV Camera. This system allows you to monitor not only the exterior but also the interior of your property.

One of the biggest benefits of CCTV cameras is that it can act as a huge deterrent to criminals meaning that once they spot that they are is being monitored, they are less likely to target your home, and you and your belonging are safe. 

It is convenient to use a CCTV camera system, especially if your job involves traveling a lot or you have a busy schedule and have to spend a lot of time away from home.

This way you can keep your eye on it, be sure that you have nothing to worry about and completely focus on your work.

There’re other additional ways to ensure that you live in a safe home. That involves window locks and garage door locks. If we take a closer look at statistical data, 66% off house break-ins happen through a window. 

If your home contents include some valuable items or you live in a dangerous neighborhood, you absolutely should consider getting window locks, because safety comes first! Locks that we use are of quality and will last for a long time.

You should also consider it that you might not be insured if you don’t have certain types of locks on your doors or windows.

Garage locks are also very important for safety since they can protect your vehicle or important and valuable stuff that you might be keeping in a garage from thieves and vandals.

Emergency home locksmith services

In addition to this, one of the most useful and necessary services that we can provide is emergency home locksmith services.

I am sure that even if you aren’t a clumsy person, you have locked yourself out at least once, and these kinds of emergencies usually happen when we are in a hurry.

Maybe you locked yourself out from home while you were cooking, and the stove is still on or you have left your keys in the car while it was still running. In either case, there’s no need to panic!

 All you have to do is call us, and since our customer service representative is always ready to take your call, technicians will be out on their way in no time.

Our reliable and friendly technicians are ready to handle all lock and key emergencies whenever you need it.

We provide emergency residential locksmith services throughout Montco and its surrounding areas, and our quick response guarantees you going back to your daily routine in no time. Unlocking your door will not take much time.

Next time you find yourself in a situation where you have a lockout emergency or you want to take a security measure, and you start thinking about residential locksmith in Montco, don’t hesitate and give us a call.

Let us handle all the work, while you relax! Some people try to handle these problems on their own, but when it comes to safety you should let experts do all the work.

Professional locksmiths find an effective solution for lock-related issues as well as provide you with additional advice that might be useful in the future. In addition to this, you can avoid personal injuries.

Instead of calling a locksmith, if you tried to break your vehicle window or pry open a car door and so on, you might hurt yourself in the process. One of the reasons why you should choose us is that we work as fast as possible and our response time is from ten to thirty minutes.

In addition to this, our friendly staff members are professionals who are able to give you information about any service and answer all of your questions.

All of your technicians are fully licensed, so you can be sure that you are given the best service possible by trustworthy people.