Time for electronic keyless Deadbolt

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July 14, 2020
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July 26, 2020
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Time for electronic keyless Deadbolt

Forget the century-old deadbolt; it’s time for electronic keyless Deadbolt

Have you ever thought about how good and convenient it would be if you don’t need any key to lock or unlock your door while leaving or entering your house? Carrying a whole bunch of keys each and every time you leave your house can be super annoying and irritating. If you are going through this vexing experience regularly, then there’s good news for you! Bring an electronic keyless deadbolt for your house and forget your keys.

What an electronic keyless deadbolt is:

An electronic deadbolt is a special type of lock that does not require any key or knob while opening. It simply needs an access code. However, you can also connect it to an access control system which includes key control that means you can add or remove keys according to your convenience.

In fine access control, you can store time and place information; through transaction logging, you can record any activity. You can monitor and control your electronic deadbolt remotely without being present near the door.

How it works:

Electronic locks have “actuators” that connect the bolt or the cylinder to a motor which are generally buried within the frame or the door. When an electrical impulse is provided through an electronic card reader or a wireless remote control sensor the motor starts to work. Then you have to configure the lock. After the configuration, the motor-driven actuator automatically works when it is provided with the correct electrical input.

Different types:

The modern technology is bringing in a variety of electric locks for the convenience of the users. Let’s see some of these –

Magnetic Locks: This is the basic type of electric lock. Its main components are an armature plate and an electromagnet. The doorframe is attached with the electromagnet and the door is linked with the armature plate. The electromagnet carries the electric current and the plate gets attracted to it, as a result, the door gets locked. These locks are very simple and cost-effective.

Electric door strikes: These locks can be used instead of the traditional strike faceplate. The strike works with an electric current to lock or release the latch.

Electronic deadbolts: These are drop-in replacements for traditional locks. For this, an additional hole is required in the door for electric power wires. To transmit the electric power from the door frame to the door, a power transfer hinge is generally used. These are popular for inner doors and cupboards.

Radio Frequency Identification Locks: In these locks, a radiofrequency device is used to carry the signal for locking. To operate these locks you even don’t need to be present near the door.

Electronic keypad locks: These are the widely known electric locks that use a keypad to set a password or any numerical code.

Bluetooth electronic locks: This lock system uses Bluetooth to lock the door. For this generally, you will need a Smartphone or a gadget near the range of the used Bluetooth sensors.

Biometric: These locks use fingerprint scanning, retinal scanning or iris scanning for allowing access. These are technologically very efficient and generally used in highly secured offices and establishments.

What are the advantages?

  1. The most worth mentioning the advantage of a keyless deadbolt is its convenience. You don’t need to carry a key anymore. When you will return with lots of bags in your hands you don’t need to make a desperate search into your purse for your key. That’s really a huge relief, isn’t it?
  2. The keys of traditional locks can be stolen, lost or copied. But if you have a password for your electric lock, that cannot be easily stolen or copied. You can even change the passcode from time to time.
  3. This is the 21st century; you are using a Smartphone, car, and other modern gadgets. Then why not the modern attractive and stylish electric lock for your house also???
  4. Your house is important for you and it needs the highest security. An electric lock can serve this purpose very well. As its variety ranges from biometric to radiofrequency, you can easily find any electric lock according to your demand. If you are confused and don’t know which electric lock will most suit your house then you can contact a locksmith in Ardmore, they will exactly provide you with what you need.

Keep these points in your mind while buying a keyless deadbolt:

  1. Know your lock type: Generally, in the market, two categories are widely used one is lever locks and the other is a deadbolt. While the lever locks are normally used for business purposes, the deadbolts are popular among homeowners.
  2. Choose keypad that is prominent: Keypad deadlock is very common in these days. You can find a variety of designs in keypad deadbolt. Most of them combine a keypad and a traditional keyhole. Always try to buy one which has an illuminated display and prominent buttons that are easily visible.
  3. Remote access control is more secure: These locks are paired to the internet and give you remote access control. You don’t need to remember your passcode each and every time you come home. It also provides you the option to manage your program a key and control access codes and you can also see the entry history list. Therefore if any security breach happens you will know quickly and easily.
  4. Watch whether there’s an alarm or not: Always make sure that your electric lock has an in-built alarm feature so that it can alarm you or your family when someone tries to get access through the lock.
  5. Focus on Convenience: Keyless deadbolt is made for providing convenience. Try to buy those which have adjustable settings and auto-lock feature.
  6. Warranty is important: Opt for those electronic door locks that provide a lengthier warranty.

After buying your electric keyless deadbolt, if you need any residential locksmith to fix that, you can go for Montco locksmith which can provide you, professional technicians, to guide through your problem.

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